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at 6:00, the warning expires. the strongest terms we have now are in central baltimore county and running into southeast hartford county. all that yellow on the screen is where the storm activity is moving across the area. let me put the lightning in, and you will see where it is most intense. there you go. eastward to just south of bellaire, that is where the strongest storms are right now. a thunderstorm warnings in effect for the next 15 minutes. we will detail what will happen over the next couple minutes. >> you can always follow the forecast by using our interactive radar. it allows you to track storms down your street. just log on to tonight a 3-year-old boy is
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dead, and the child care worker says it is an accident. >> it is hard to believe somebody would do something like that to a child. >> toys and other signs of young children are obvious of the house where police say the 3- year-old was murdered. >> the initial took place on august 7. the medical examiner ruled this the homicide. >> police were first called for a child abuse complaint. >> officers were able to learn a 3-year-old male had been reported having fallen downstairs to reagan medical personnel were not able to court -- corroborates that story. >> i heard it was a child.
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somebody told me the child fell down the steps or something. >> police say it was not a fall at all. it was murder. detectives interviewed the care giver of the child during the incident. now there are charges pending. >> tonight a 76-year-old man is in shock trauma, the victim of an attack this morning the victims are calling a hate crime. it happened while the man and his wife were fishing, and tonight the mayor says it should serve as a wake-up call for racial intolerance. jane miller has the story. >> the victim and his wife had been fishing near the kee bridge. as a packed of their truck to the if -- their truck to leave, they say several men began yelling racial slurs and then
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turned violent. >> a sustained a severe head -- he sustained a severe head injury. >> police say it had all the markings of i hate crime. one suspect was taken into custody a short time after. police say he and the others left in the victims' trust, which had an anti-theft device that allowed them to track it. in may the man was accused of beating his wife because she associated with african americans. the park today, disheartened to learn what happened earlier in the day. >> still year. >> the baltimore mayor released a statement saying, after visiting the victim in the hospital today, the commissioner
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and i promise to do everything in our power to bring the other assailants to justice. any form of violence has no place in our society. tonight police in baltimore county are looking for the thief who robbed two fast-food restaurants, one right after the other. officials say the man entered the burger king enforcer group of employees into a freezer while forcing another employee to open -- to give the money. no one was harmed, but the search continues for the robber. it has been a busy day for baltimore's tawnya cop. -- baltimore's top cop. the incident happened on august 7. officials say he used a police helicopter as the proposal to make it seem like actual police
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activity under way. now an internal investigation looks into the questions about the misuse of resources. >> questions about who was involved, and whatever relationship there may have been. these are the questions i have. >> the commissioner says the delegate is called in to apologize. the delegate also released a statement saying he will repay the city. natural resources police have charged more than half a dozen men with sex offenses stemming from an undercover investigation of this weekend. police arrested eight men after receiving complaints about men soliciting sex and performing sex acts in public areas of the park. officials highlighted areas of the park with restrooms and picnic facilities where they
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believe the sex acts happen. >> into night's education alert, students still have summer vacation and left, but that is not the case for a teacher is. tim joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> this is an exciting time of the year, but 700 new teachers showed up for work today without their students. they packed the auditorium, first-year teachers eager to get started. >> i love it. >> they are among the 4000 or so new students -- new teachers across the state. >> i was easily influenced by one of the teachers i had. he really made an impact on my life and showed me there was a
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lot to do and to go for it and be successful. it had an impact on children as well, so i hope it seventh among the right track. >> i want to address the underlying causes, workload, professionalism. all those things in five why people might leave. >> teachers got advice from two long term educators. >> we really have an obligation to look at every child as an individual and to assess all the strength of the child and where are their needs in terms of learning. >> some of the teachers are not that knew at all. >> are retired from the marine corps. i love children common but i get to show some of my experiences -- i love children, but i get to share some of my experiences.
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>> i bet she makes the grade teacher. if you need help making the transition back to school, there are new resources on our web site. we have posted must have items as well as bargains. >> in the debate over health- care reform, the white house says the public health insurance option is not off the table. it would provide insurance to millions of uninsured americans but has met with opposition. sally has the latest. >> the public auction is the most controversial aspect of the reform plan. the white house says reports the president is ready to abandon that are simply not true. >> the public auction, is it in
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or out? over the weekend, president obama and the health secretary seemed to show a willingness to compromise. now she says the media got it wrong. >> all i can tell you is sunday must have been a very slow news day, because here is the bottom line. absolutely nothing has changed. >> what may be changing its consumer confidence. the latest survey shows america's confidence in affordability dropped in july with the largest drop among seniors. the aarp claims it on what they call scare tactics. >> things that are not in the bill. they are not remotely true, but
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it is certainly something that gets people concern. >> critics say people are concerned because they do not want a government takeover of health care. those critics continue to speak out at town hall meetings like this one in oklahoma. >> people are trying to say you're not paying attention to us. when you feel people are not listening to you, you tend to raise your voice. the drug industry and consumer advocacy groups have launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign thanking 15 senators for trying to reach across the aisle to get something done on this. >> sandra shot is now in a york during a for her vague regis and kelly debut. >> center can only hope to get as many invitations to return as
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brett favre bid to return to the nfl. >> thunderstorm warnings out there. stick around.
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>> now baby the time to let yourself by the maryland lottery -- now maybe the time to let yourself play the maryland lottery. the jackpot is at a record, and you can buy tickets in time before the drawing. the drawings of the -- are at 11:22 right here. you helped make it happen. viewers voted sandra as one of those in the running you would most like to see guests toast with regis.
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excited? just a little bit. >> i am on the streets of new york city, where it is 95 degrees. we just made the trip from baltimore, and i am getting ready for the big day tomorrow. tim gun is going to be our guest tomorrow. i cannot wait. it is going to be so awesome. we have these buttons my friend made i can only ask that you watch tomorrow right here. >> the show airs tomorrow morning at 10:00. be sure to join us at 5:00. sarah is also there to give us look at what is life behind the scenes. >> we have had several predicted thunderstorms felled move across the metropolitan area of this
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evening, and there are still some warnings out there. let's take a look of our doppler radar. most of the thunderstorms are in baltimore city, but the strongest terms are just to the west, and everything is moving more less to the east. most of it is just east of i-83, but there are pretty thin self east of hartford county. the new warning has been extended. severe thunderstorm warning for those counties in southern pennsylvania until this evening. you concede the storm cells right there in the northern baltimore county -- you can see the storm cells right there in the northern baltimore county. the strongest arms are moving
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across the northeast corner of the state, and the further south you move, the activity is not nearly as strong. let's take a look at temperatures. this rain has taken the temperatures down a little bit. warnings for carroll county, hartford county, and the city have expired. they were set to expire at 6:50 this evening. temperatures have come down considerably since the rain moved across the area. annapolis down to 83. the thunder and lightning is pretty sparse. little river is 79. the dew point temperatures are very humid.
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way of into the 60's to near 70, so the troubled air is really here. all of this thunderstorm activity is moving slowly to the fees. -- slowly moving to the fees. this rain is limited to our area and southern new york state at this point. this tropical humid air mass moves to the school's front in the west. in the tropics we have a very powerful storm, very well defined, and it looks like it will be strengthening to category 3 and eventually category four. new england and eastern massachusetts, but it looks like
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the storm is really targeting the maritime provinces of canada. evening thundershowers. the overnight low to marron. a warm and humid day three days if the overnight low tomorrow. a warm and humid day. warm humid weather continues friday with a thunderstorm chance every afternoon and evening. the highest range chance will be on friday. the humidity drops, and by sunday it looks great. a great way to wind up the weekend. >> now 11 sports. >> do not let the weather fool you. christmas just arrive. he gave the players think if they wanted, no afternoon practice today and no morning practice tomorrow. the ravens work hard, and you can see the the fact in
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practice. the wide receiver kelly washington was there. no. 15 continues to stand out the veteran look strong in the preseason opener and has the potential to become a go to guy. kelly washington knows our receivers opportunities when he sees one. >> this situation is different in baltimore. in new england we have a lot of talented receivers, and we had guys who really solidified their spot, and coming out here every day and battling for jobs, nothing is guaranteed. the only thing that is guaranteed is fear it, and i am here competing in getting evaluated every day and coming
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to work. >> the backup quarterback with the minnesota vikings wore no. 4. he got a new number and the new teammates today -- brett favre. the man whose word means absolutely nothing arrived to sign a one-year deal and immediately stepped into the starting quarterback role. this comes three weeks after he told the vikings he would not come out of retirement after spending most of the off-season flirting with retirement. following his first practice with the vikings today, he had a scheduled press conference for 6:00. he was not there on time. not only can you not believe what he says, you never believe what he says he will say. we will have more tonight at 11:00. after playing four years of
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basketball, greg will now start at quarterback for the football team at syracuse. he had exhausted basketball eligibility, but you get five years to play four seasons for regan that makes this the final year of his football eligibility. i know it is complicated, but it is a legit. paulis had never taken a single snapped in college. a strength as it -- a strange position. john collins has your forecast right after this.
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>> the day after a super hacker was charged with stealing credit card numbers, we are taking a close look to see how safe your credit card is. if your number is stolen, what will it do to your credit history? plus, baltimore city police are searching for suspect they say attacked an elderly man fishing with his wife. the tells why the police are investigating this as a hate investigating this as a hate crime.
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>> thunderstorm warning has been extended for baltimore and hartford county until 7:15. lancaster county until 7:30. this type of storm activity warm and humid right into the weekend. rain chances end on sunday. >> i will not cracked my window. thank you for joining us. nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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